5 Best Minivans Under $5,000

Buying a car under $5,000 can be overwhelming when you consider all of the possible options. For those who can narrow down their choices to one particular type of car, it becomes easier to do research on what the ideal used car would be. Minivans are typically the first choice among families with a few kids tagging along or families that are thinking about growing. The extra space and third row seating is convenient and can accommodate more than the traditional two or three children that a smaller car can comfortably seat. In addition, minivans provide more storage space in the trunk for sports bags, suitcases, diaper bags, strollers, and all the other accessories that come along with children.

Minivans may seem like they all have the same basic features, but there’s a lot of difference and variety among them. Make sure to research which minivans were voted best in their class. Below, you’ll find a list of the best used vans under 5,000 dollars. Each one of them is a great car, even for those who find themselves on a strict budget.

Honda Odyssey (1997-1998): For those concerned about small fingers finding their way into sliding doors, the Honda Odyssey will be a top pick. Instead of having the traditional sliding doors, the back seats open up the traditional way, making it less likely to have a pinched finger. Tucked into the floor in the cargo space is an additional row of seating, making for a possible total of seven passengers. It features airbags for the driver and front passenger, as well as an anti-lock braking system. The safety features make it relatively safe for a used car from the late 1990s.

Toyota Sienna (1998-1999): The Toyota Sienna ranks in the top of its class for safety features. It has anti-lock brakes, a low pressure tire warning system, and bumpers that can withstand a five mile per hour impact. The crash ratings for this minivan are excellent. When tested in 1999, it was found to have the best crash ratings of any car seen to date. For those who aren’t ready to give up the sports car dreams of their youth, this minivan has plenty of power packed under the hood. The three liter V6 engine revs up faster than most minivans are known to do. However, it still gives plenty of cargo space in the back, one of the main features that minivan shoppers are in the market for.

Dodge Caravan (2001-2002): The Dodge Caravan was made in both an SE version and a sport version, each designed to cater to the desires of its drivers. The SE is very basic, with manual windows and locks, while the sport offers a more modern version with automatic features. Both come standard with excellent safety features, but the sport version is more contemporary with fancier gadgets and technology. The back seats are easier to remove and handle than they were in previous years, but they don’t fold flat into the cargo space as they do in other minivans. However, the rear seats do split in half, giving the option of folding down one side and still using the other side for seating.

Nissan Quest (1999-2000): The 1999 Nissan Quest is the first of its kind to come with a sliding rear door on the driver side, convenient for loading and unloading children in a hurry. The minivan can comfortably seat seven people at its maximum capacity, but both rows of backseats can be removed for additional room. The rows can be split up and folded down in segments to accommodate long, bulky items that need to stretch across the vehicle while still making use of the back seats. Anti-lock brakes were made standard on all Quests in order to make the vehicle safer for families to drive. In addition, they improved the suspension to make the ride just a little bit quieter than some of its older counterparts.

Mazda MPV (2000-2001): The Mazda MPV boasts of its unique features, like the windows that can be rolled down even in the sliding doors. While the MPV has foregone its old hinged rear doors, it has come up with plenty of other features to take its place. The second row of seats features two chairs that are disconnected from each other with space in between and flip-up armrests that make them unique. The chair on the right can be slid across the tracks to create a bench seat for times when it might be more convenient to have a row of seats. The Mazda MPV was created in three different versions: the DX, LX, and ES models. The DX has only the basic features, while the LX boasts an anti-lock braking system, power windows, and powered outside mirrors. The ES models even feature side air bags and leather seats.

The seemingly inevitable purchase of a minivan can seem daunting as you trade in the car of your youth for one that brags of its practicality and spacious interior. However, they don’t have to be all practical. Plenty of minivans come with luxurious features such as power windows and leather seating. Finding an affordable used minivan isn’t as overwhelming of a task as it may initially appear to be. The most important thing to look for in a minivan under $5,000 is safety. Does it have anti-lock brakes and airbags that would protect passengers? Do the research before making a purchase that you may later regret.